Mindful Travel

1st Congress of Mindfultravel in Andorra

CONGED MINDFULTRAVEL MEET 2019: Welfare Tourism and Personal Growth. Coorganized by Hotel Sant Gothard.

A congress. An experience where the passion for travel and tourism become a source of well-being and personal transformation. Conferences, Experiences, Networking, Innovation… and you can also present your project. Want more? You just have to sign up, and you will discover it.

The Forest of the Hotel Sant Gothard

An immense forest garden with streams to explore

We invite you to experience the Sant Gothard’s Forest consciously. Sit silent and meditate, walk with full attention, breathe, look, hear, hear, smell … return to the present and connect with the well-being is available to everyone. And that is the essence of mindfulness and traveling consciously.

At the gates of the Comapedrosa Natural Park you will enjoy a privileged space: a 40,000 m2 private forest that is at your disposal, where you will feel the peace and tranquility of nature. In addition to the areas with natural corners and incredible views to venture out, you will find the circular path of easy level, ideal for a pleasant walk. If you want a more inland way, where you can listen to the river while you enter nature, or climb a hill, the Sant Gothard’s Forest will surprise you. The Hotel Sant Gothard also brings you to a multitude of outdoor activities, excursions and family or advanced outings.

Rest and enjoy a trip to nature in one of the most beautiful and protected places in the Pyrenees. In summer you will be close to all the excursions on foot, on horseback or by bike; And in winter it is ideal for skiing and snowshoeing on the Andorran tracks of Pal and Arinsal. Say goodbye to the stress of the city and discover the most natural side of Andorra, where the trees, the river and the mountains are the protagonists.


We welcome your wellness projects

Yoga congresses, trainings and seminars, dance, meditation, mindfulness, forest baths, sports clinics take place at the Hotel Sant Gothard facilities throughout the year. More than 30 years of experience adapt to all kinds of events with preference for those who add to the welfare of people and the environment. For this reason, we offer you a spacious, quiet and private space with access to the forest for all kinds of group meetings in Andorra. Every summer we will host the international yoga training sessions of the Babacar Khane Yogi, also the masters of Sofrologia Caycediana, the high mountain unit of the Post Grau de Natura i Espiritualitat of the University of Girona, or MindfulKit with the Edgar Tarrés forest baths . Likewise, we co-organize with Mindfulkit the first Mindfultravel congress in Andorra, an initiative to increase welfare tourism in the country.